Muppets Most Wanted Walkthrough!

Hey everyone! Sorry I’m so behind on posting– the musical is taking over all my time :p

I found this cool video made by Karsty5. He does a CP blog too! I had no idea that Vimeo did screen recording…

When you first log on, Kermit gives you the instructions for the passport (I think that’s what it’s called :p)


Here is the America room. How this is to represent America is beyond me because that’s not what America looks like to me…


If you go inside the airport, you can go to the different countries by clicking on the terminals.


CP gave the smiley emoji’s some silly noses 🙂 The yellow flippers make noise when you use them. The Safe-Chat sayings are mostly Muppets quotes.

muppets3 muppets4

First is Germany! Fozzie Bear is located here with his awesome pie-throwing skills.


Click on Fozzie to equip the pie. Press “d” when you have the pie in your hand and wait for some pie action!


Here are the free items for this party that will be unlocked daily around the island/world.


These are the member costumes! CP really outdid themselves making the masks look so close to the Muppets!


Here is the map for the party. I like how the roads are paved, it looks professional.


The stadium looks like India! I think that’s a cricket field in the center… or is it croquet?


If you go inside the Gift Clothes Shop, click on the treasures to find Constantine and get his background.

muppets13 muppets14

The pin this week is at the Coffee Shop! It’s a pinata 😀




This is what the pin looks like on my player card.


Here is Spain! I like the sombrero fountain and the pinata!


Bonjour! France is at the Dock. The car is so small!


The Ski Village is Russia. If you hover over the dolls, they will pop out!


Finally, here is Brazil. I wish it was warm enough to go to the beach :p

muppets21 muppets22


What do you think? I think this was a pretty good start to an epic party!


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