Player Card Picture

I have a LOT of pictures of me meeting famous penguins, bloggers, and moderators. One thing I like to do is to take a picture of their player card for proof that I met them. I went into my photo editor (I use Pizap. Not the best, but still something.) and made a nice collage of most of the player cards I have. 


Try and see if you can name everyone! It’s a little challenging…

Starting from the left corner: Aoao1111, The 4 Star, Cw700, some beta guy,Chrisdog93, Ferdthebird.

Right column going down: Kallie Jo, Megg, Ninjakrom, Norgit.

Bottom row going left: Pup1one (member and nonmember), Riyita, Saraapril, The Shy Guy.

Left Column going up: Scaredy Kat, Waddles26813, Painterbird.

It truly is an honor to meet other penguins that blog from all over the world.


7 thoughts on “Player Card Picture

  1. Let’s see, I can name…Pup one’s non member account, saraapril, the 4 star, aoao111, chisdog93, megg, a few other waddle on stars, and me! I feel so honored.

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