Aoao1111’s Birthday Party!

I went to my buddy Aoao1111’s birthday party on the 16th. She also posted about this on her blog, so check it out 😀

First, we met up at the dance floor.


Then, we went to Lets Rock 2’s igloo. It was SUPER rare 😀


After that, we played sled racing. The game was kind of bugged up :/


aoao1111bday4 aoao1111bday5

See what I mean? Next, we played Card Jitsu Water and Fire. Fire is more of my element. Also very bugged up.


aoao1111bday7 aoao1111bday8


After we played CJ, we hit a couple of igloos. The first one is mine, the second one is Waddles’ and the third one is Aoao’s.

aoao1111bday10 aoao1111bday11 aoao1111bday12


After that I had to go 😦 Thank you SO much Aoao1111 for hosting! *gives late birthday cake*


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