My Penguin Day Contest Winner!


So it took us a little longer than I expected (we received sooo many brill entries) but I’m so pleased to announce that the winner of the My Penguin Day competition is Milbo1! Check out her mega entry below:

The judging panel decided that she gave a brill description of her perfect day in CP, plus she clearly put loads of work into making her drawings full of detail and colour. Lovely handwriting too! 🙂

The UK Club Penguin team would like to offer a huge congratulations to Milbo1 for winning the competition! We’ve put it up on the wall so that everyone can see it, plus we’ve added the prize of a 12 month membership to her account. Epic congrats!

What are your favourite things about Milbo1’s entry? Leave your comments below!


-Club Penguin Team

Congratulations Milbo!I like her Thin Ice drawing– Puffles are hard for me to draw :p


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