Polo’s Pencils: The Fair 2014

Polo Field tweeted this picture earlier. It looks like he is planning the Spoiler Alert for the fair…

Embedded image permalink

For those of you who can’t read his handwriting, the squiggly blob thing says “rollercoster” above it. O.O The game next to the rollercoaster says “new game”. Could this be part of the sneak peek Polo gave us earlier?  The rings on the left to the new game says “old games”, so I guess that the old fair games are coming back :D. Underneath the rollercoaster is a little boat labeled “boat rides”. I wonder if this has to do with the mermaid cove picture from earlier. Next to that, there is a box labeled “map”, so I’m guessing they’re going to show us the map for the fair or the map will get a major update. On the bottom, there is a section called “Ninja’s Day Off”. They go to the school, then the fair, and finally, Ninja’s igloo.

What could this all mean?



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