March Party CONFIRMED!

This is post from Polo Field on the Portuguese blog.

Hi, guys!

Ermitkay? We are dying to tell you EVERYTHING about an event that comes around, but for now, I can not say anything more.

However, even though we can not speak, can YOU.

So let the comments their best guesses as to what you think is coming!

Uncanay eixemday eday inguinarpay.

-Club Penguin Team

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Muppets and I love Club Penguin. BUT PUTTING THOSE THINGS TOGETHER IS JUST WRONG. The Muppets are a CLASSIC show and technically CP is SUPPOSED to be an “ad free experience”. THIS IS NOT THE CLUB PENGUIN I KNOW OR REMEMBER. This is making me so sad. BRB CRYING ABOUT OLD CP 😥

Thank you Trainman1405 for posting this. 


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