Prehistoric Party 2014!

Sorry that the pictures are so small- I’m not sure how to make them bigger :|.

Yay! The Prehistoric Party is finally here! I went to the Time Trekker and warped to the past. 


First, I saw the message from Garugg the Ugg Ugg. How did he write it in the past and at the Snow Forts? I followed the sign to the far left and ended up in the neighborhood of the Caveguins. It even had a little swing and slide!


I grabbed my Caveguin dress, shoes, and necklace, and skipped over to the Town area. There was a HUGE steak there and a pond suspiciously shaped like an dino foot. Seeing the steak made me hungry, so I went into the restaurant.


Wow! I saw a lot of healthy food options such as fruits, vegetables, and fish. I ordered a salad and it tasted delicious. There were some drums on the stage for live entertainment, too.


After that, I went outside to get some fresh air. Little leaf huts sat on top of the cave. I sat in a leaf nest and rested for a while. 


A little while later, I woke up and my hair was a mess! I went to the Hair Salon, which reminded me of the Clothes Shop (LOL  I almost wrote Gift Shop. I miss old CP 😦 ). 

[Picture coming]

I decided to explore more and found another restaurant. This one served pizza! It even had a pizza oven for puffles :).



I walked around a bit more and found a river and a campsite.




I saw the an eerie, foggy area in the back and went to go check it out. It reminds me of the elephant graveyard from The Lion King O.o.


I ran away quickly to find an obstacle course for dinosaurs. I think both this is from last year’s party :|.



But the highlight of my day? I GOT SCAREDY KAT TO ADD ME :D!!! That means I’m friends with THREE moderators! YAY!



This is how I feel right now:

I can’t believe it! Who knows who’s going to friend me next?


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