Club Penguin Moderators Banning CP Army Members

Hi everyone. Some of you may have saw my comment earlier on how The 4 Star was online (for a second). It turns out that the RPF was having a recruiting session there. Coincidence? I think not. After I saw The 4 Star, I did little research and it turns out that Club Penguin moderators are starting to ban players that advertise for their armies. This is a big scare to CP armies as Club Penguin hasn’t really interfered before. I am making this post to remind you to be careful what you say and advertise. Something tells me that the moderators are going to be more alert and even more watchful than before :/.


I am not in an army and do not support any one army but I think it’s cool that penguins are doing that. If you are in an army, good luck.


3 thoughts on “Club Penguin Moderators Banning CP Army Members

  1. Yeah, they posted something on a major club penguin army news site about this. Most penguins have backup recruiting accounts. CPnext is probably going to hurt armies a lot too, with getting rid of servers, they are a huge part of armies.

      • I agree, armies can get way too obsessive about recruiting on cp, but after so much work has been put into these armies for so long, you can’t just sweep them away. Armies and cp should comprise.

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