Time Traveling in the Time Trekker

Today when I was walking by the Snow Forts, I noticed the Time Trekker was parked there. I thought that was very strange and went inside.


When I was inside, there was a message from Gary saying something about how the Time Trekker wasn’t ready yet. Ignoring the message, I hit a button just to see what it would do.


I screamed and looked down. Suddenly, I was a senior citizen! Why… How… WHAT????


I ran to my igloo, hoping that an answer would be there. My big igloo (or what was my igloo) had been replaced with a quaint little igloo, with a tea set and a couch. I looked at the date on the computer. It was January 19th, 2044!


I had to get back to 2014! I ran back to the Time Trekker to see if there was a button to take me into the present. I sat down, but before I had a chance to look at anything, my flipper slipped and hit another button!


I was young again! I danced around and smiled. I was overjoyed to be normal.


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