My CP Friends: Part 1

Me and my CP friends are pretty tight. I have to thank the one who led me to meet all these AMAZING people: Star! She is pretty much the one who drove my destiny for the rest of time. Star’s bestie is Jeweljulie03 (Jewel). From Star, I met Alleycat126 (Alley). Alley is really funny and likes to hang out in the Coffee Shop with her buddy Sos6sos5 (Dustin). Dustin really wants to be famous and to be in a video made by me (BTW, at the moment, I don’t have the proper software to record :/). One day while I was chilling at the Cove, I met Pyroduckie (Jacob). He is the rarest penguin I know and we have a lot in common. I also met Jennamontana (Jenna) that day. Another time at the Ice Rink with Star, I met Spiderjoshma (Josh). Josh likes to chat and chill at the Ice Rink. Finally, I met Wolfkidza14 (Zack). He is funny and likes to hang out with his friends.

If I left you out, don’t worry, I’m planning on making more posts about my friends 🙂

While I’m thinking about it, it is completely safe to comment on my website. I will not give your email or anything else you use anywhere else.


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