Possiblilties for the New #WaddleOn Episode 21?

When I met Painterbird and The 4 Star for the first time not too long ago, (I was lucky enough to buddy them) they filmed “behind the scenes” and gave us a tour of their igloos. I was lucky enough to be on this tour and took some pictures. *PLEASE DO NOT USE THESE PICTURES SOMEWHERE ELSE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!* I know it is tempting to remove my watermark and take credit for this but they are my pictures and you cannot use them without my approval.

To start, we met up in the Plaza. I was very excited to be on the tour.


Second, we stopped at Painterbird’s igloo. There were a LOT of zebras! Painterbird told us that this is where they originally filmed the “Butter Floor” skit in the first #WaddleOn


Next, we went to The 4 Star’s igloo. Three words: Blacksmith. Force. Headquaters. I LOVE the ongoing competition between the Blacksmith Force and the Goldsmith Force, it makes me laugh :D.


We concluded our tour in the Town while Painterbird and The 4 Star sent out friend requests. I think Scaredy Kat showed up for a second (He might be the penguin saying “unite!”). LOL, I was singing about being famous.


Thanks Painterbird and The 4 Star for giving us an exclusive tour! Feel free to comment!

UPDATE: #Waddle On Episode 24: Behind the Scenes!


2 thoughts on “Possiblilties for the New #WaddleOn Episode 21?

  1. That’s cool that you met them! I’ve never met a moderator or other staff member. I’ve always wanted to meet Megg. If I did meet a staff member, I would totally post it on my blog.

    • If you do want to increase the chances of meeting a moderator, go on Hockey or Kosciusko on a Friday, or Monday. Some moderators also have Twitters and announce their parties their. Usually they will record or post pictures on their Twitters. As I’m writing this, The 4 Star is on Whiteout

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